Moon Magic Transformation

What are you transforming and manifesting in your BIG LIFE?

How will you Activate  the transformation you seek?
What magic are you Inviting in?

Activate the magic of the moon to powerfully step forward and manifest your dreams and reach your goals.

Blending the moon magic of each phase with rituals and meditations you will journey from NEW MOON, through WAXING, FULL & WANING MOON.

The four-week lunar cycle program is open to a community of six magic makers.

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“Debra is a true light who creates space for unfolding in fulfilling and unforseeen ways.”

The next program is scheduled for September 2021

(The program begins at NEW MOON on Sunday 5th September at 7pm EST)
My Son Sage and I would go moon hunting.

We would wander our neighborhood in the early evening and watch the sky. For Sage it was a game, to me it was magic in the making. I don’t remember anyone sharing the moon with me when I was younger, and I don’t remember when I started to notice myself. I wished to gift my son with the magic of the moon, to share with him the power of the natural and spiritual world.

My hope was that he would find ways to connect to his own spirit, and my deeper hope was he would begin to share his spiritual journey with me.

When my son Sage died in 2013, one month shy of his 11th birthday, I searched for the moon. I found the light in the sky and took solace in the waning moon, ebbing away from full. Sage was following moon magic and letting go. Each ritual that marked the weeks following his death was marked by a moon phase and it was the magic available in each phase that held me suspended in my earthbound body as my spirit reached towards the sky and beyond.

Many moon cycles have waxed and waned since and each has been my guide.

In times of change, transition, turmoil, or trauma, the moon can be a steady presence.

In times of expansion and growth, the moon can support you to tune in.

No matter what may be in my heart, shifting in my life, or present in my mind, I forever look to the sky and hunt by moonlight for the possibilities available to me.

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Are you hunting the moon?
Seeking Magic?
What do you wish to transform?

Join a community of MAGIC MAKERS

Moon Magic Transformation

An online group program exploring & applying the magic of the moon.

Activating the magic of

  • the 4 phases of the moon – new, waxing, full, waning
  • the 4 elements – earth, air, fire, water
  • the 4 parts of us – body, mind, soul, heart
  • & the 4 cardinal directions – north, east, south, west
  • creative process, rituals, & meditations for each phase.



Zoom gatherings at each phase of the lunar cycle with live meditation and active guidance

A Handbook to guide you through each moon phase

A recorded guided meditation for each moon phase

A 75 minute Energy & Oracle Card Reading to look deeper into what is transforming for you.

A 30 minute 1-1 guidance session to explore the possibilities available to you.

Access to Debra via Voxer for the 4 weeks of the program

(Handbook & meditations gifted to all participants so you can repeat the transformation process at any (or all) moon cycles.)



SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 5th at 7 PM (EST) and will be every SUNDAY in SEPTEMBER.

The community will meet on zoom at the peak of each phase to learn the potential and tools for magic and transformation in each phase of the lunar cycle.


Connect with Debra to explore if MOON MAGIC is aligned with what you need in your transformation. Debra carefully curates each circle to ensure the group created will be supportive and powerful.

The group is open to 6 magic makers.

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“Participating in the Moon Magic Transformation program with Deb opened up my understanding of the moon’s cycles beyond the new or full moon to a broader connection with the moon’s lessons throughout the entire month. I’ve gone back to the meditation recordings again and again as a way to continue to guide my intention setting and releasing each month. I highly recommend participating if you are looking for a way to connect your internal transformations with the cycles of nature and vice versa.”

Tammy Kremer

Deb is instantly warm and supportive in the journey of finding your own pathway to magic. She offers ideas and ways of thinking that are expansive and not directive. It is clear that her power in being able to hold so much space for what works for you comes from doing her own deep work. I am very selective in who I trust with my spiritual journey as it so personal and sacred, and I whole-heartedly trust Deb

Tosca DiMatteo

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