Creative Writing & Storytelling Coaching

Sharing Stories of Magic & HEART

Stories are both magical and healing.

Through story we understand our world, experiences, connections, and lessons.

There is an art and a craft to telling, writing, and expressing our personal stories.

You may be seeking help with getting started, creating your first book or need help with the deeper themes and structure of your work.

From beginners to established writers a coaching package can be designed to support you in the full expression of your story.

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“Deb is an incredibly humane and generous coach, and helped me see pathways for learning that I did not imagine were there. When I was my most insecure, she firmly but generously guided me back from the brink. When I started to develop confidence in new techniques and new ways of thinking, she introduced suggestions for how to take them further. She shared with me aspects of her own life that helped me gain new insight into the universal desire to connect with others. I left our sessions not only with new tools and techniques for my practice, but a whole new appreciation for the power of effective story-telling for both the audience and the storyteller. ”


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