Intuitive Grief Guidance

to Ease the Ouch and Invite Healing

 My wish is to share with you how I have swum and survived in the oceans of grief. To share how to swim and surf in the waves, how to thaw when frozen, and where to seek cover to wait out the storm.

— Debra, your grief guide

In our lives, we are not grief literate. (It’s not a literacy anyone would seek.) So when it comes to the four D’s of Loss–Death, Divorce, Diagnosis, and the Dream that doesn’t come true—we often simply don’t know what we need to get through our loss.

We can get lost inside our loss, falling down the rabbit hole of drinking or eating too much, overexercising or not moving our bodies at all, perhaps overspending our way into feeling better. We’re scared, struggling, afraid of being seen as weak. And, really, we just want to get on with it!


How can you move from your Big Life Loss to your

Big Life Magic?


Activating your magic can help guide us through grief, I invite you to choose magic and rediscover your big life.

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