Magic Map Readings

Access your higher self and see the possibilities & potential in your life through a guided energy and oracle card reading.

Each reading is live and attuned to your needs and questions.

Rather than prescriptive, the readings are a guide to tuning into what energy and vibration is available to you as you navigate each step of your journey.



Each reading is the activation of a 21 day healing cycle. Over the 21 days post reading your energy and vibration will continue to attune to its highest vibration possible.

A Magic Map reading is a blend of:

  • An Energy Reading to access where your vibration is at NOW.
  • An Intuitive Oracle Reading that deepens the perspective of where you are NOW and highlights the potential and the possibilities available to you to shift towards what you desire.
  • Guidance on rituals, tools and activations you can access and implement to attune to the magic map.
  • Access to Debra within the 21 day attunement via Voxer

With an attuned MAGIC MAP you can manifest, transform, and shift with confidence and enchantment.


Ask, See, Be, Receive.
Allow your Magic Map to show you the way.

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“I have worked with Debra and she has helped me put things in perspective and done a reading that has been very very meaningful for me and it will not be my last. I cannot recommend trust in her enough – she is truly magic! ”


My Energy and Oracle Reading was amazing and led to a transformation and to greater flow of creativity. I highly recommend having this experience with Debra.”


I had an oracle and card reading with Debra and as a result, I experienced a major shift in my life! I came to see how my attachment to my former husband, who passed away several years ago, was having an impact on my current relationship with my partner. With Debra’s guidance, I also recognized that my relationship with my former husband at present, is not as it was when he was alive. The earthly expectations, concerns and challenges are no longer present as he is now in spirit form. Although I will always be connected with my deceased husband, I have a sense of freedom knowing that our relationship has truly transformed and with that I can let go of the past.  Thank you Debra for your healing presence and gift of spirit.

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