LOVE is the Leader
and MAGIC is the Guide.

YOU are the Magic.

Inspiring and Igniting the MAGIC in you, through a magic community, connection to the moon, your intuition, and your spiritual practice.

Supporting you in the transformation from a Big Life Loss to your Big Life Magic.



YOU are the creator of your




You are a spiritual being having an earthbound human experience.

You are here to experience the extremes of love and fear, joy and grief, delight and despair.

You are here to expand your understanding and connection to LOVE.

You are on a soul-designed magical path.

Hearts break and Souls Bounce.

Our lives are designed in spirit to provide us with the perfect playground to break, bounce, heal and expand.

You have a choice.

You can choose to live a life tuned to magic, or life without.

You can choose enchantment.

You can choose magical insight.

You can choose love.

LOVE is the LEADER and MAGIC is the GUIDE.

About Debra

Debra is a grief guide, magic weaver, author, and spiritual teacher who believes we all have access to our magic and are our own healers and teachers. Using intuitive guidance, storytelling, and spiritual practices Debra helps people to tune in and access their healing potential and their full magic.

The Heart of Debra’s work is the transformation from big life loss to BIG LIFE MAGIC.

Debra is the author of A Series of Surrenders: A Memoir of Grief. In 2023 Debra will begin writing her second book, Surrendering to Magic.

She knows the difference between a life tuned to magic and a life without.

Debra invites you to choose magic and activate your big life.

About Debra


My Memoir

A Series of Surrenders

How does one accept a gift from death when death is the very enemy that took your loved one away?

Death has come bearing gifts for me more than once. Tightly bound in grief, these gifts are hard to unwrap, yet it is only in the unwrapping that we reveal the lesson and ease the grief. Our burden becomes lighter, and our soul expands.

Can you prepare for such gifts, or is it only in hindsight that grief can mend our broken hearts?

Chronicling the deaths of a lover, my father and my only son, A Series of Surrenders is not only a love letter to them, but it is also a lesson in making friends with grief and learning to love again. 

Dive into the depths of grief and the hope of what is possible when a broken heart repairs and a soul expands in lessons of love.

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Membership includes New and Full Moon Events & Activations, Guided Meditations, Magic Masterclasses, Manifestation & Intuition Magic, and a community of others on the path to their own big life magic.

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