I know the difference between a life lived with Magic and a life without. 

I choose Magic.

Do you?

As an Author, Spiritual Teacher, and Grief Guide, the core of my work is HEART MAGIC, Heart-led Spiritual Practice & Heart Repair.

My life’s work found me in the aftermath of my big life loss.

I did not expect the magic, but I found it.

There is a pathway from your big life loss to your big life magic.

I know for I have traveled it.

My Loss to Magic Journey…ignited by grief and by curiosity

When my son, Sage unexpectedly died (aged 10) in 2013, I became curious about magic and its potential to heal and transform. I wondered if my 20+ years of study and teaching would be enough to keep me steady and to assist me in finding my way through healing the deep loss of my child. I truly was not sure if it would as the road ahead was unknown and scary. I set out on the journey willing to see if magic can be found in the darkest corners of our hearts. 

I found more than magic, I found a desire for a big life! I found new purpose, new love,  expressions of joy, new tools to navigate hurt and loss, and a deeper understanding of our soul potential. I vowed to NOT live a little life. I chose heart-led magic and step by step I found my big life magic. {magic note: If you want to know more about the steps I took then you can read or listen to every step in my memoir, A Series of Surrenders} 

YOU are the MAGIC.

Hearts break and Souls Bounce.

Our lives are designed in spirit to provide us with the perfect playground to break, bounce, heal, and expand. Our hearts were made to break, for in the repair we not only heal, but we also expand our capacity for LOVE.

You have a choice.

You can choose to lean in and learn from loss, you can invite magic, and you can choose to not live. a little life.

You can choose enchantment.

You can choose magical insight.

You can choose love.

LOVE is the LEADER and MAGIC is the GUIDE.

 Deb. D  my big life magic

As a (wonder)woman, I’m a witch married to a werewolf living on the island of  Tobago creating magic by land and sea and raising our flock of sheep.

As a writer and an author, my peak time to create is at dawn and my favorite writing spot is sitting high looking upon the sea.

As a magic weaver, I love working with oracle cards and the cycles of the moon and take great delight in sharing magic with people through my magic readings and moon circles. 

As a spiritual teacher, I was guided in 2021 to create a community of magic makers and it has proven to be so much more than I could have ever imagined.

As a grief guide, I know that it is my belief in magic and my honest, fun and friendly heart that creates safety and scaffolding for those navigating loss.

About Debra


My Memoir

A Series of Surrenders

How does one accept a gift from death when death is the very enemy that took your loved one away?

Death has come bearing gifts for me more than once. Tightly bound in grief, these gifts are hard to unwrap, yet it is only in the unwrapping that we reveal the lesson and ease the grief. Our burden becomes lighter, and our soul expands.

Can you prepare for such gifts, or is it only in hindsight that grief can mend our broken hearts?

Chronicling the deaths of a lover, my father and my only son, A Series of Surrenders is not only a love letter to them, but it is also a lesson in making friends with grief and learning to love again. 

Dive into the depths of grief and the hope of what is possible when a broken heart repairs and a soul expands in lessons of love.

Listen or Read Now

The Next Step for Your Heart

Big life loss will meet us all.


The Heart Repair Program will support you to shift from lost to found, from hurt to healing, and from loss to magic.

The hardest part of living with loss is knowing where to begin, how to heal, the steps to take in your desire to repair. There is a map with all the steps you need to transform your big life loss into your BIG LIFE MAGIC.

The Heart Repair Program puts the HEART MAP into your HANDS.



I was intrigued by getting support in a different way than I had received in the past 

I had met Debra and got a really great vibe and thought she was just such a bright light. She can hold amazing space for people without projecting herself onto you, she is a real clear channel. When I realized that I really needed support in firming up what the next chapter was going to look like for me she was a natural choice to support me in the discovery of who I was becoming.


My magic just keeps expanding and that’s Deb and continuing to work with her

Working with Deb is a very grounded experience and a really interesting chance to get to know yourself a little better which also surprised me. It wasn’t just about working with her and understanding what she does and getting answers from her as much as it was about figuring out more about myself and becoming more connected with my own internal magic and my own intution.


If you allow her to work with the energy within you she will pull your magic out of you.

Working with Deb D has tremendously made a difference in my life, especially during the time after losing my mom. To know that there are other individuals out there that go through things and still manage to let their magic flow or let their lives be impacted in a positive way by someone like her. I would say if you’re going to explore magic, don’t waste your time looking for anybody else go straight to the source and that would be Deb.


Heart Magic Meditation

Activate and open your heart in less than 10 minutes