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Through story, personal experience and proven results Debra will engage your audience in a new way of being with spiritual practice, creativity, and magic. Debra will inspire the potential for more love, spiritual expansion, and transformation.

Debra speaks about ~

Spiritual practice as a habit and how it can add magic to your everyday.

Magic and the power of working with cycles of nature and universal law.

Grief, Loss, Death and its impact and potential for learning in our lives.

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Topic & Themes

  • Everyday Spirituality. How to attune to your magic.
  • Moon Magic and how we can tune our manifestations to the phases of the moon.
  • Death and Acceptance. How acceptance of death can bring you back to life.
  • Grief is not invited to the party, but she should be. How you can invite grief in and create a healing relationship.

“We felt so lucky to have Debra’s presence at our Speaker Series. Debra’s message is touching and motivating. The audience was moved and entranced by her story and left wanting more! We cannot wait to invite her back to speak again!”

Melissa Manning
The Audacious Founder

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