A Series of Surrenders


“A SERIES OF SURRENDERS” is an enchanting and enthralling love story and memoir which is remarkably magical in its tale. This will be one to read, share, pass on and reread when you’re ready to dive into another level of understanding.



Death and loss come bearing gifts.
It is more than loss, it is what can be gained when we surrender to magic and our hearts.
There are gifts waiting for you to unwrap.



This love story asks; How does one accept a gift from death when death is the very enemy that took your loved one away?


Debra shares;

Death has come bearing gifts for me more than once. Tightly bound in grief, these gifts are hard to unwrap, yet it is only in the unwrapping that we reveal the lesson and ease the grief. Our burden becomes lighter, and our soul expands.

Can you prepare for such gifts, or is it only in hindsight that grief can mend our broken hearts?

Chronicling the deaths of a lover, my father and my only son, A Series of Surrenders is not only a love letter to them, but it is also a lesson in making friends with grief and learning to love again.




Wrap yourself in Debra Driscoll’s journey of love and grief, and, through her perspective, may you discover many of your own gifts and treasures along the way. This personal tale offers deep comfort, guidance, and discoveries. Debra’s beautiful voice brings solace and light. And her story is evocative and grounding. This book is a gorgeous gift to yourself or anyone coping with the unpredictable waves of grieving.
– Christine


Debra’s memoir is in itself a gift, but her story also taught me how to see the many hidden gifts that grief had brought to my life many years ago, but that I hadn’t unwrapped yet. A series of surrenders is a poignant love story. Anyone who has lost a loved one will see themselves reflected in it, and feel seen by the author. Debra is a powerful narrator and a wonderful grief guide; her words went right to my heart, and she inspired me to write my own story of love and grief.
– Alex A


Debra is a phenomenal story teller and knows just the right way to captivate your heart. A Series of Surrenders gives an intimate look inside Debra’s own heart and takes the reader along on her life journey to experience everything that life throws our way. She is authentic and full of love on her mission to guide others on a path many of us have stumbled upon in life. Especially right now in the world, grief is ever present. It is part of the human experience. Instead of running from it, let Debra hold your hand and open your heart to allowing a new experience and perspective. This book is eye opening and highly recommended!!
– Nenjah