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Enter the magic shop with curiosity. 

Enter with a desire for change, discovery, amplification, or elevation.

Enter knowing that what you wish for is possible.


Know this to be true… YOU are the MAGIC and what you seek is seeking you, and may be right here.

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💛 Are you seeking ways to activate or repair your heart, it’s here.


🌙 Want to work with the moon and the lunar phases, follow the moon with me.


✨ Wishing to tune to your intuition, that can begin now.


🌟 Ready to manifest your own big life magic, I will show you the way.


New Moon Circle (free)

Join the community of magic makers for our monthly new moon circle of magic to set your intentions and align your manifested desires.


Heart Repair Help (free)

Spend time with your heart through meditation and journaling prompts.


Manifesting Ladder (free)

A magic technique to move your manifestations forward and up the ladder to your wish realized. Video Guidance and Guidebook.


Attune. A 5 day Intuition Activation (free)

A 5 Day/ 5 Step Activation that will show you how to TUNE to the station of your intuition and then PLAY and STAY there. Audio Lessons, Meditation and Guidebook.


Tap into Magic of Your Business ($77)

In this 3 part series you will ACTIVATE a new relationship with the SPIRIT of your business, ALIGN with the Spirit of your business, and ALLOW the release of challenges or blocks to your abundance and success. Meditation, journal prompts, and affirmations to tune up your business from the inside out.


Moon Magic Transformation ($97)

Activate the magic of the moon to powerfully step forward and manifest your dreams and reach your goals. Blending the moon magic of each phase with rituals and meditations you will journey from NEW MOON, through WAXING, FULL & WANING MOON. Video Lessons, Meditations for all 4 phases, and Guidebook.


Magic Readings ($444)

Access your higher self and see the possibilities & potential in your life through a guided card reading with your magical guide, Deb D.