Welcome Home Magic Maker

A virtual community for the magic-curious.

The place to be if you are ready to say YES to the universe and align the life you want.

The fun, free, and freaking magical life you know is possible. 


How Magical do you feel? 

This is how some magic makers felt BEFORE joining the Big Life Magic Makers…

  • I need to recharge my own energy. I was craving some self-care that was all about Me, my dreams, and my spirit practice. “
  • I want to learn more so I can do more. I am ready to strengthen my connection to spirit and magic play. I need a teacher to show me how.”
  • “I am ready to tap into my intuition. I want to learn how to manifest what I really want and actually get it.”


My hunch is that you may be feeling one or all of these.

And, I would guess that you also wish to FEEL Magical.

(you know others feel magical, and you want it too!)



This is what I feel.

I believe that YOU are the  Magic.

I created the Big Life Magic Makers so I could build a community of people who not only believed in magic but also in themselves and the possibilities for their lives.

I believe we all have magic within us and by accessing our magic we activate our ability to be the best healers and teachers for ourselves and others.




Are you Magic Curious?

What Happens Inside the Big Life Magic Makers…

  • Follow the Moon. New and Full Moon Circles every lunar cycle.

  • Masterclasses. Deep Dive into the theme of the season, taught by Deb D

  • Magic Activation Sessions. Apply and play what you learn in the masterclasses

  • Pagan Calendar Events. Celebrate the markers of time such as Solstice, Equinox, etc.

  • Book Club. Expand your knowledge and then share your insights and learnings

  • Guest Speakers. Deb D invites specialists from her wider community to share their magic.

  • BONUS! The Magic Library. When you join you get instant Access to the library of masterclasses, meditations, and activations from past seasons. Discover more about manifestations, chakras, soul play, oracle and tarot cards, and more.



YOU are The Magic:

Magic Makers have shifted, transformed, and unlocked by tapping in and turning up. 

  • What’s Next For Me? This magic maker is now active in her study of neuroscience, volunteering within her community, studying Reiki with Deb D, and adding value through her wisdom to the magic maker community.
  • How Can I Heal My Body? By harnessing the connection within our community, working on her meditations, positive affirmations, and belief in miracles, she was able to shift her scary cancer numbers from very low to GONE. Cancer-free dance happy!
  • My Heart is Ready for Repair! Some members are pulling pieces of their hearts back into alignment post-divorce. In the stitching and mending is a rediscovery of themselves and their magic. Smiling more often, dating, dancing, believing in new dreams, and choosing to love themselves first.


Transform your life from the inside out

Create your own BIG LIFE MAGIC


Manifesting a life of Joy, Possibility, and Freedom

“In addition to wanting to tap into my magic and the magic of others, strengthening my connection with my intuition, universe, and spirit, I’ve come to appreciate my membership in this community as an important aspect of my self-care practice. 

For me Being a magic maker is all about manifesting a life of joy, possibility, and freedom.”

Val Joy Lyons


What a Place to Be!

“I was looking for a place to be in a community of like minds who are accepting of these conversations and practices.  I love learning even MORE about ways to tap into my own magic. I need time when I am being led vs being the leader, to recalibrate and recharge my own Energy so that I can continue to give/ serve from a place of wellness in life and business outside of the community. I find Inspiration from witnessing the way in which Deb D leads this community.”

Regina Olive

“Ok, a group of women who are into magic? This could be cool. Let’s see…!”

And it’s WAY more awesome than I imagined it would be because it’s such an open, accepting, loving, supportive community of humans aligned in wanting to live a magical life in the time we have left on this planet….and getting after figuring out how the hell to make that happen.”

Suzanne McCormick





Choose the best plan for you



  • New and Full Moon Circles
  • Masterclasses and Magic Activations
  • Access to the On Demand Library of past masterclasses and meditations
  • Supportive Community
  • Lifetime access to Moon Magic Transformation
  • Discounts on products and programs



  • New and Full Moon Circles
  • Masterclasses and Magic Activations
  • Access to the On Demand Library of past masterclasses and meditations
  • Supportive Community
  • Lifetime access to Moon Magic Transformation
  • Discounts on products and programs



Deb D,  Magic Guide & Founder of Big Life Magic

The foundation of my work is HEART REPAIR, stitching together the threads of your ENERGETIC HEART and its relationship to your SOUL. Living a life with a full beating heart and dreams means at some point you will meet at least one, of the 4 D’s of big life loss; Death, Divorce, Diagnosis, or the Dream that doesn’t come true. The loss hurts and your heart breaks. And you get to choose, will this hurt and heartbreak be my downfall or will I open up to the possibilities of what my heart is learning and what is next for me? There is a pathway from your BIG LIFE LOSS to your BIG LIFE MAGIC and my north star is showing people the way so they can heal the ouch and tap into their magic.

It is my belief that our big life losses are the pathway to our big life magic, every loss or challenge offers a lesson and each lesson offers the opportunity to strengthen our energetic hearts and invite more love and in turn more magic into our lives.

This belief was developed and strengthened in my journey from a single mother to a grieving mother. In 2013 my son Sage, aged 11, unexpectedly died. The question I asked myself in the days following was; “Will my spiritual practice and all I know about healing be enough to keep my head above the waves of grief?” The answer I found was many layered and a resounding yes!

All that I teach and share have been part of my journey and continue to be what I practice. No matter where you start…BIG LIFE MAGIC is possible for you. And I also know this…Magic multiplies when you feel at home with people who are also journeying toward their dreams and opening themselves up to the possibility of being pleasantly surprised.