Big Life Magic

I am a magic weaver, moon witch, spiritual teacher, and storyteller.

I help people to tap into their magic so they can transform and expand.

LOVE is the Leader and MAGIC is the Guide.

We all have magic within.

In times of transition, change and growth, it has been my intuition, spiritual practice and creativity that have guided me. By accessing the magic within, transformation and healing is possible.

Over the years I have studied many modalities, been blessed with amazing teachers, mentors and students, and have had the opportunity to apply all I learn directly to my life.

I can share this with you. I invite you to access your magic.

When we are young we believe in magic.

We see the potential and possibilities, we are curious and we dare to dream. When I was young I was attuned to my magic. To me it was natural to see, to know, to believe. 

To others, this was feared. In an effort to protect me, my intuitive vision and voice were silenced. I allowed the silence. It took some time for me to remember, to reconnect with my innate power and the magic within. Once I did, the world opened up and magic came rushing back to play. In truth, magic had never left, the volume had simply been turned down.

I know the difference between a life tuned to magic and life without. I choose magic. 

When my son, Sage unexpectedly died (aged 10) in 2013, I became curious about magic and its potential to heal and transform. I wondered if my 20+ years of study and teaching would be enough to keep me steady and to assist me in finding my way through healing the deep loss of my child. I truly was not sure if it would as the road ahead was unknown and scary. I set out on the journey willing to see if magic can be found in the darkest corners of our hearts. 

I found more than magic, I found a desire for a big life! I found new purpose, new love,  expressions of joy, new tools to navigate hurt and loss, and a deeper understanding of our soul potential. I vowed to NOT live a little life.

My Big Life Loss was the gateway to my Big Life Magic.

As a magical guide I support others to transition from loss to love, from disenchantment to enchantment, from ordinary to the extraordinary.

Big Life Magic is a life led by love with magic as the guide. 

Debra is the mother of Sage Joseph, born May 5th 2002. Sage unexpectedly died on April 3rd 2013. Since Sage’s passing Debra has been healing, loving, and exploring the silver lining and soul potential that grief invites.



Chronicling the deaths of a lover, my father and my only son, A Series of Surrenders is not only a love letter to them, it is a lesson in making friends with grief and learning to love again.



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