Big Life Magic

& Deb D

I am an Author, Spiritual Teacher

Speaker, and Magic Weaver.

The foundation of my work is in the expansive spectrum of our ENERGETIC HEART.

If you have a beating heart and a life fully lived you will meet the extremes of your heart.

You will meet a big life loss, an invitation to magic and love, and you will be directed towards your own big life magic.

No matter where you are on the spectrum, at a loss, in curiosity, or activating your magic, I will meet you there.

Healed, Aligned and Activated Hearts Heal, Transform, and Expand.

LOVE is the Leader and MAGIC is the Guide.

We all have magic within.

Hearts Break and Souls Bounce.

Our human experience draws our hearts to LOVE and to love deeply means we risk losing, breaking, or being torn.

Your Heart has capacity beyond your belief. Your heart is the seat of your earth-bound soul.

In times of transition, change and growth, it has been my intuition, spiritual practice, and creativity that have guided me. By accessing the magic within, transformation and healing are possible. I have transformed my big life loss to own big life magic. (NOTE! It is more than I expected! The universe is truly surprising and wonderful)

I can share this with you. I invite you to access your magic.

I believe in magic.

I believe we are SPIRITUAL BEINGS, having our EARTHBOUND experience in order to learn layers of LOVE and expand our SOULS.

Earth is our school and we choose the classroom we learn in! And, as we learn we shift from classroom to classroom. Our families, places we live, experiences we have, people we meet…ALL classrooms and lessons.

A Selection of some of my Classrooms 

  • I am the middle child of SEVEN children. The Driscoll clan is my first and most beloved classroom. It is also the classroom that continues to deliver assignments in love, connection, compassion, and authenticity.
  • I have lived in Australia, Oman, London in the UK, New York City in the USA, and I currently live on the island of Tobago in the Caribbean. Each place has been a classroom of learning about cultures and how they influence our hearts and lives, each place has influenced me.
  • For more than 20 YEARS I have been a theatre practitioner with the majority of my time in Playback Theatre, an international improvisation and storytelling theatre form. This classroom has welcomed me into many spaces and places where communities gather and its greatest gift has been the tuning of my listening to diverse voices and stories.
  • I am one of FIVE women who have been friends and soul sisters for over 30 years. We have supported each other and bared witness to the birth of children, the death of parents, the loss of my son, career changes, marriages, divorces, heartbreak, and breakthroughs. We are all different, yet the same in one way, we would do anything to support one of our sisters, and we do.
  • My BIGGEST Classroom has been the times when I have met LOSS. My heart has shattered more than once. The loss of my first love, my father, my son, and my elder sister. All felt deeply and all felt differently. All expansive classrooms of my heart.

My Big Life Loss was the gateway to my Big Life Magic.

As a spiritual teacher and magic weaver, I support others to transform from loss to love, from disenchantment to enchantment, and from ordinary to extraordinary.

Big Life Magic is a life led by Love with Magic as the guide. 

Debra has practiced and taught spiritual development and healing practices for over twenty-five years and takes great delight in activating magic and possibility in others.

Her expertise (magic box of healing tools)

Reiki Master, Meditation and Intuition Teacher, Grief Guide, Oracle and Energy Reader, Moon Witch, and a Celebrated Storyteller.

Debra is the Author of A Series of Surrender ~ A Memoir of Grief.

In 2023, Debra will be writing and crafting her second book, Surrendering to Magic.

Debra’s Big Life Magic is lived most days on the island of Tobago in the Caribbean with her husband (aka the werewolf), and their growing flock of sheep. Together they weave the big dream of their island magic retreat center (manifesting now!)

Debra works online with individuals, groups, and her community of magic makers. She also travels between the island, New York City and Australia to teach and speak.



Chronicling the deaths of a lover, my father and my only son, A Series of Surrenders is not only a love letter to them, it is a lesson in making friends with grief and learning to love again.



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