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The Next Step for Your Heart

Big life loss will meet us all.


 Heart Repair will support you to shift from lost to found, from hurt to healing, and from loss to magic.

The hardest part of living with loss is knowing where to begin, how to heal, and the steps to take in your desire to repair.

There is a map with all the steps you need to transform your big life loss into your

When you say yes to Heart Repair you put the HEART MAP into your HANDS.

Do not get lost inside your big life loss.

Take the first step now.


Do you feel Lost in your Loss?

Does this sound like you?

  • Your Heartache is Hidden and to everyone around you, it looks like you are doing well, getting over it, and being strong.
  • You Numb Your Senses as some days feeling is too hard and you are scared if you feel you will fall or fail.
  • Your Passion for Life is a Memory and most days you Turn Up and Do your Best, knowing it is not your Best.
  • You Self-Medicate with Wine, Over-Working, or Swallowing your Feelings and Too Much Food.

Can you imagine…

Is this how you would like to feel?

  • Your Loss is acknowledged and you no longer need to pretend or hide.
  • You choose how you heal and how you want to feel and you step into new chapters in your life story.
  • You repair piece by piece with new tools that inspire you to dream and create new possibilities and realities for yourself.
  • Your relationship with yourself and your heart becomes fun, intimate, playful, and alive with possibilities

The Loss to Magic Framework

Healing and Transformation take Time, Structure, Support, Creativity, and Play.

L.O.S.S ~ Love & Loss. Obstacles & Opportunities. Sadness & Screaming. Surrender
M.A.G.I.C. ~ Me and My Heart. Alignment & Allowing. Gratitude & Gifts. Intention & Inspiration. Courage & Co-Creation.

You will:

  • Work through the L.O.S.S to M.A.G.I.C Framework 1:1 with Deb D. Guidance, activations, and meditations.

  • Meet online with Deb to work your way through the loss to YOUR version of big life magic. The sessions will meet you where you are.

  • IF YOU CHOOSE: Interact in an online community space for sharing and connection and the building of relationships.

  • Meet with Deb D for a minimum of 3 months.

Why the HYBRID Structure?
Both Grief and Magic are created and explored with self, in groups, and with guidance. By working in the triad of delivery and support modes we can assure that your loss will have the time and space needed to ease and transform, and the magic you seek will be open to play and manifest.

It is YOU, ME, HEART REPAIR, in it together ~ an antidote to the lonely feelings of being lost in your loss.


Why a minimum of 3 months? 

There are NO straight lines in healing. And, it takes time.

To truly commit to your heart repair you need the space and time for yourself, to feel free to explore the loss to magic framework, to step forward, and to pause when needed.

Time is Divine. And if you add some care and support to time it can and will HEAL parts of you and support your heart repair.

Connect with Deb and express your interest.


Connect with Deb D


Is the HEART REPAIR Program right for you?
The best way to know is by connecting with Deb D so you can share your story, your challenges, and your hope.
Together with Deb, you will discover if Heart Repair is aligned for you.

Your Energetic Heart

The relationship between loss and magic.

When we meet a big life loss our hearts break.
The threads of our hearts break.
And, that is ON PURPOSE.

This is what I have discovered in my own heart repair healing.

When you are building a muscle, you exercise the muscle to build it. Say, for example, you want to build strong biceps, you would pick up a set of hand weights and do a series of bicep curls. The next day your arms will be sore, that is how you know you have worked the muscle, it is building and getting stronger. So, why does it hurt? The pain you feel is the stretching and tearing of the muscle fibers.

We break in order to get stronger.

The same thing happens with your energetic heart. The loss tears the muscle threads and your work with heart repair ensures that those threads are healed and woven back together, thus creating a stronger heart.

When your heart repair is tended to you are not only healing the hurt, you are manifesting a stronger energetic heart! 

Beyond the repair of the tear is the possibility. With your stronger heart, you can build the life you desire.

When heart repair is not tended to we learn to live with a heart that is always a little broken and our capacity for joy, dreams, and magic is minimized.

Heart Repair is the pathway to your Big Life Magic.

I experienced a major shift in my life! I came to see how my attachment with my former husband, who passed away several years ago, was having an impact on my current relationship. With Debra’s guidance, I also recognized that my relationship with my former husband at present is not as it was when he was alive. The earthly challenges and expectations are no longer present as he is now in spirit form. Although I will always be connected with my deceased husband, I have a sense of freedom knowing that our relationship has truly transformed, and with that, I can let go of the past. Thank you Debra for your healing presence and gift of spirit.”

Ms. V


My Loss to Magic Story

After my son Sage died I promised to always wish the best for myself, to tend to my grief, and to find my way to the life meant for me beyond this loss.

My pathway was twisted at times with many lessons along the way. At times I felt lost, and at other times I was sure I had found the way.
Looking back on my pathway I can see where I took a turn towards being lost and what inspired the grounded moments of being found.

More about My Journey ~ Read my Short Story ~ “Making My Way to Big Life Magic

The L.O.S.S to M.A.G.I.C Framework is the pathway I took, minus the detours towards deepening my loss. I found the way and now wish to share it with you, because I know it is possible, and I am now living in the magic that it leads to. So can YOU!

My life now…

  • I love in a way that was not possible for me before my heart repair.

  • I honor my son every day and still miss him but have learned how to continue to love him without hurting in every heartbeat.

  • I have stepped into the North Star of my life and work with magic, healing, and helping hurt hearts.

  • I have met my partner in love and life, married him, moved to the Caribbean, and am now creating our combined magic with our big dreams of life here and what we will build together.

  • I tend to my heart and my forever grief. I no longer push it away, feel sorry for myself, or collapse into despair and rivers of wine. When grief knocks at my heart, I know how to open the door to her.

  • I spend time daily in my relationship with my spirit, the universe, and all the magic and possibility available to me.

  • I have developed trust and confidence in myself and in the universe, I feel the strength of my heart and know that no matter what happens, I am and will be okay and able to hold myself in the varied chapters of a life fully lived.


Connect with Deb D


Deb D (Debra Lynne Driscoll)

As an Author, Spiritual Teacher, Grief Guide, and Magic Weaver I share my grounded in reality, honest and open perspectives, and knowledge on healing and the potential of our human heart.

It is my belief that our big life losses are the pathway to our big life magic, every loss or challenge offers a lesson and each lesson offers the opportunity to strengthen our energetic hearts and invite more love and in turn more magic into our lives.
This belief was developed and strengthened in my journey from being a single mother to a grieving mother. In 2013 my son Sage, aged 11, unexpectedly died. The question I asked myself in the days following was; “Will my spiritual practice and all I know about healing be enough to keep my head above the waves of grief?” The answer I found was many layered and a resounding yes!
The heart of my work is HEART REPAIR, stitching together the threads of your ENERGETIC HEART. There is a pathway from your BIG LIFE LOSS to your BIG LIFE MAGIC and my north star is showing people the way so they can heal the ouch and tap into their magic.

My work in healing and heart repair is threaded into the stories of my memoir, A Series of Surrenders (published in January 2020)

Debra helped me find great peace by opening the doors to grief, giving voice to my grief and finding ways to help me sustain my memories of and with my mother. I find it very comforting to know that a healer like Debra is accessible to me and my friends and family in the future whenever needed. I highly recommend her services, her heart, her dedication to her clients and her many insightful gifts.”

Ms S. 

Thank you so much for your guidance and love, Deb. This is exactly what I needed. Your journey with sage truly has brought healing to so many others. I thank you and him for the courageous yet challenging journey you have taken. Thank you.

Ms. K