New Moon  Community of Magic Makers

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Invite the MAGIC available at each NEW MOON and then apply that MAGIC to what you wish to TRANSFORM & MANIFEST in your BIG LIFE.

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NEXT MOON CIRCLE ~ Monday 14th August 2023 at 7 pm EST


The days before a NEW MOON are potent with possibility, yet often missed in moon magic. In this magic circle, I will be sharing about how the dark can be a fertile place for insight and reflection. We will share Dark Moon practices together and I will align you for your own New Moon ritual on the 16th.

Join me in the dark for a new approach to moon magic.

(Next New Moon Circle will be on Thursday 14th September)

NEW MOON is the time of new beginnings, intentions and planting seeds, and setting in motion what you wish to manifest.

Gathering together in a community, the big life magic makers will be guided by the energy rhythms of each new moon, creative processes, and a special guided meditation to activate and ignite the magic they seek each lunar cycle.

“May our lives be renewed as yours is.”
– Native African Prayer to the Moon

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 Moon Magic in 2023

What are you inviting in and manifesting? Be Guided by the New Moon.

Each NEW MOON a COMMUNITY of MAGIC MAKERS will gather to ignite the magic.

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“Participating in the Moon Magic Transformation program with Debra opened up my understanding of the moon’s cycles beyond the new or full moon to a broader connection with the moon’s lessons throughout the entire month. I’ve gone back to the meditation recordings again and again as a way to continue to guide my intention setting and releasing each month. I highly recommend participating if you are looking for a way to connect your internal transformations with the cycles of nature and vice versa. Debra is a true light who creates space for unfolding in fulfilling and unforeseen ways.”


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