What if your heart is broken?

My heart is broken. Again. I can feel the tear of fresh loss and the stretching of the stitches from a loss healed long ago.

My heart is broken, and I know exactly what to do.

What I know is that my heart was designed to break. Being broken is not the problem, it is an opportunity. By tending to my broken heart I am inviting lessons in love, choosing to be with the discomfort in order to activate change and build resilience and expansion of my heart’s vibration. Yes, we have hearts designed to break and I know that magic lies in the spaces between the broken pieces.

So, what do you do if your heart is broken?

Here is what I did yesterday. I followed these magic moves in heart repair and today I woke with a heart less heavy and a few stitches of repair holding in place.

First, you seek TRUTH.

I know my heart is broken, but what is the truth of that break? Before you begin any moves towards a repair or deeper despair, connect to the raw truth of your heart. Accept what is. Avoid the tendency to want to immediately fix, judge, or dismiss what truth your heart is sharing with you. If you are angry, be angry. If you feel sad, be sad. I am not advocating wallowing in emotions, I am asking for the moment it takes to Stop, Pause, Breathe, and FEEL.

What is the TRUTH of your broken heart? 

Next, make SPACE and carve out some TIME.

You may choose a day, an hour, or 15 minutes. Choose the time and space that you will dedicate to yourself and your heart. Honor what your heart needs and commit to the time. It is easy to distract ourselves from feelings we wish were not there, it is also easy to wash over our heart’s needs with busyness, attention to others, or denial of how we feel and what we need. Seek the time, carve it out, and create the space that your heart needs.

And then…within that space…LET YOUR HEART LEAD.

Our hearts have intuitive intelligence that knows exactly what is needed. Trust and allow, make the space, and follow the lead of your heart.

What is your heart seeking or needing now?

And Now, Seek NOT another. Seek Nature or Art.

Be with just you and your heart. We often move to another in the hope they have the magic that can fix us. And, often the person wants you to feel better so will shift into fix-it mode. Humans love to fix, especially when the brokenness makes them feel uncomfortable. In time, others will be supportive, help with processing and expressing, and may provide the scaffolding you need to heal. But now, seek not another, seek time with you, your heart, and the power of nature or art. Go wander in the trees, find a body of water, play your favorite playlist, pour over photography or paintings, or read poetry. Why? Because now is the time to let your senses free to feel and explore. Your heart wants the freedom to BE and to FEEL. The trees, the water, the art, the music…it will not try to fix you, it will listen and be with you, it will fill the space with senses so your heart can begin to beat to a new tune.

One of my favorite things about being in nature is that the trees or the waves never ask me how I am, they simply accept me as I am. Can you do the same for yourself and your heart?

Where will your heart lead you? 


Your broken heart does not seek to first HEAL, it seeks recognition, time, space, and the willingness to be still with your broken pieces.

Your heart can not only lead you, but it can also support you by building your trust in yourself and your own innate abilities to give yourself exactly what you need when you stop, pause, breathe, and BE.

There is no need to rush or push for a fix. Your heart will tell you when you are ready to shift.


Yes, hearts break, but our souls BOUNCE.

By tending to your heart repair with your heart (NOT your head) as the leader you are inviting magical possibility and a playground for your soul. Our hearts break ON PURPOSE, for our soul knows it is in the repair that we GROW.

Love is the Leader and Magic is your Guide.

So if your heart is broken I wish for you as I wished for myself…TRUTH, TIME, TRUST, and SOUL PLAY.




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