Grief has a Soulmate

Grief sat on the edge of the world and pondered her position. She dwelled on the feelings and experiences of those she held in her wings and she allowed space for those who sat with her but had turned their backs. To her it did not matter how close they were; whether they were folded in or refusing to meet her eye, she loved them all equally.


She knew of how they spoke about her and the dread and fear she provoked. She was never on the invited guest list and was the disruptive gate crasher that no-one wanted at the party. She knew this, but continued gently to crash in. 


The belief was that she had never been invited, but this is not true. Each soul asks for her, they just don’t remember. They choose not to fathom a reality where they asked for Grief, her wings, and her lessons. Grief is patient, she knows there are few who remember and there are many who take a long time to see and feel her gifts. She allows the denial and takes no offense. To her it is of little difference whether they remember or not, if they deny her or welcome her, as she knows she has been called and is at service to souls.


Being in service can make you lighter and can be a pulse that feeds. It can also be a heaviness. Grief sat on the edge and allowed her own heaviness to fold into her wings. Even for Grief, some days are harder than others.


Joy sat opposite Grief on the other edge of the world. He gazed upon Grief and saw in the droop of her wings and her furrowed brow that this evening was a tough one. The moon was full and often the brightness revealed the struggle and intensity of service and the weight of the many she held. Joy began to beam light toward his love. He watched her allow the feelings to rise and fall and he witnessed the work.


Joy had sat with Grief since the beginning of the world and the edge was a place they knew well. If one went to it, the other would follow. On opposite sides, they created balance for each other and the space between them held all those they served.


Joy was always invited to the party and had the task of balancing the extremes. Not always easy as Joy invites more and then more and the balance can be disturbed. And Joy knows that without his soulmate Grief he can never be his full self at service.


Joy wants to be available to all as this is the service he has to souls. He wants to be the pulse that drives lives forward. To make an ordinary day expansive and to share time and space with laughter and delight.


Joy and Grief together hold the balance. If Grief is denied, Joy diminishes. If Grief is allowed, Joy grows in strength. 


He wishes the ones who welcome, chase, and crave him could love Grief as he does. To see his soulmate as the patient kind and loving angel she is. 

When his soulmate Grief is taken into the heart she mends and strengthens, and in response, the soul expands. That is when Joy can enter a grieving heart to fill the new spaces with possibilities and simple life delights.


Soulmates since the beginning of the world, they hold extremes of the heart in their tender grasp. If only they knew, they both wished, as they sat on the edge of the world. If all souls knew that saying yes to the full depth of Grief would give them limitless Joy, then surely they would all allow Grief when she gently crashed in.


Grief and Joy sat on the edge of the world under the full moon and prepared themselves to meet the next day, together, in their glory and at service.

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