The Downfall of the Soul

It is our expectations that are the downfall.


We expect another to change simply because we need them to.

We expect abundance when we harbor feelings of scarcity.

We expect success when we are trying hard at getting it.


Our soul does not want to expect, it wants to evolve.

Our soul-self is open to the contrast, the challenges, the tricky twists and turns.

Our soul knows this is all part of the plan.


And then, our earthbound self steps in and begins the tried-before-will-try-again tendency towards expectation. (You’ve gotta love humans, oh we do try!)


You pick up the bucket (your bucket is whatever you want to insert here) and you see it is empty. Not wanting an empty bucket you venture to the well (your well is whatever you want to insert here). 

You are very familiar with the bucket as it is yours, the well you also know as you have been here many times, but it is not yours, you are in a relationship with it.


You dip your bucket into the well.

You pull the bucket up, expecting the bucket to be full.

You look into the bucket and it is empty.


“Oh well, that is just typical of the well, isn’t it?! Always withholding, never giving me what I want.”

And so it begins, the downfall. Your expectation is not met, so it must be the fault of the well.


But is it? 

You knew the well was empty, yet you chose to go.

You knew the well could not give you what you want or need, yet you chose to return with fresh hope.

You knew the well was dry.


“Argh, this stupid bucket. It is never doing what I want it to do and I have no evidence, but I am sure if I look closer, I would find a hole in this bucket.”

And so it continues, the deeper downfall. Your expectation is not met, you have exhausted all blame on the well, so now it must be the bucket.


What is possible if you release expectations?


Is it possible to seek out a new well?

Can you recycle or replace the bucket?

What if you chose a different path?

It is our continued dance with expectations that hold us in disappointment, frustration, anxiety, and (insert your emotion of choice here). Earthbound and always wanting equals lots of buckets and many wells to choose from. 


And then the soul whispers, you have choices. 


So, do you wish to stay committed to your expectation? Or do you desire evolution?


I am going to put down my bucket. 

I am going to forgive the well. 

I am going to surrender, and shift. 


Would you like to join me?


For those now without the old bucket, seeking a new well follow me…


Do not expect, accept.

Do not expect, surrender the need to be right.

Do not expect, have a preference.

Do not expect, co-create.

Do not expect, be open to the possibility of being pleasantly surprised.


And then, smile and wink, knowing this is all part of the plan and you are now a player, fresh on the field.

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