Magical Playgrounds

Shuffling cards on the mostly dirty (we never vacuumed) carpet in the share house I lived in when I was 19 turning 20. Sitting on the carpet with me were a mix of magic-curious friends. One or two have their own deck and are shuffling too. Most are here to receive. Card by card the play begins. 

30 years ago that was my magical playground and tarot cards were my tool.

Setting the table for treatments. Lighting the candle. Burning the oils. Dimming the lights. Turning on the soft music. A day of healing is scheduled and I am the healer at the I am Well Shop. Massage, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Acupressure, Moxibustion, and Cupping, are my healing tools. They are within reach.

I am 30 and feel like I have grown up in my magic. My magical playmates are the practitioners of the clinic. My learning and discovery expand in this magical playground.

We sit in a circle with our palms tickling. Each and everyone is now attuned. The Reiki channel has been opened by me, the Reiki Master. I watch the shifts take place around the circle. The shift for one is heart-opening. The shift for another is the belief that they are magic and can own that now. My playmates in magic are my students and we have created this playground together.

I am 3. The whole world is a magical playground and my playmates are my spirit friends. I sense them clearly and the play is intuitive and fun.

Until it is not.

The adults around me are confused, “How can she know? She knew before it happened.”

The adults around me are scared, “Will others accept this, or will she be shunned?”

The child in me responds. I can’t hear them, but I feel their discomfort.

I see myself clearly, sitting on the edge of my bed. I am crying softly.

“You need to go away now. You are getting me into trouble. I want to be a good girl.”

I wait more than 15 years before I play with my friends again, sitting together on the rarely vacuumed carpet, shuffling cards.

I am opening my Zoom for another ‘Moment in May’. It is May 2020 and as a grief guide, I am offering 30-minute Zoom sessions so that anyone who needs it can take a moment. I anticipate holding space for grief. I am met by magic.

The moments are filled with magic curiosity.

“Can you pull a card for me?”

“Are angels real, and if they are, how do I pray to them?”

“What is the universe trying to tell us, why are we all being asked to pause and shelter? Is there a bigger meaning?”

My magic pulses. I have the answers. The adults are inviting me and my magic forward. A new magical playground opens. The birthplace of Big Life Magic.

In September 2021 I am growing roots in my new island home. The magic has shifted me from the city to the sea and the foundation of Big Life Magic feels supportive under my feet and feeding the roots of potential. 

I am curious. What is next?

I ask this question for 5 days before I receive the full body heart smiling answer. For 5 days I open and wait…I know it will drop in. I know to relax, allow, and anticipate the drop. The impatience in me wants to know NOW. I remind myself that rushing without direction in a playground can cause accidents, so I slow down. Most days I take a nap. I allow.


Build Community. Create a New Magical Playground. Invite New Playmates. 

February 1st (my birthday!) 2022 the doors to the playground swing open and playmates skip in, ready to play. The Big Life Magic Makers is launched. The virtual community for the magic curious.

I knew following the guidance was the step forward, but what I didn’t know while creating or opening the community is how much JOY I would feel and receive.

There are now many playmates and the equipment in our playground has developed and expanded. With JOY as our fuel, we continue to expand. And in turn, so do I. 

My spirit friends are invited in every time I open a magic Zoom. We have grown up now. We are the adults and we are not scared or confused, we are curious, playful, and freaking magical!


{If you are curious about this playground visit HERE to skip in and learn more.}

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