The Circle Never Closes.

This circle never closes.

I remember when the circle opened for me. I had been invited in.

I felt excited, expectant, and curious. I had no idea what would happen in the circle, yet I knew without doubt, that I wanted to know.

We sat on the floor, most of us in a crossed-leg position. We were all facing inward and to me, it felt like everyone seated in the circle was open and ready. I knew no one except my friend Krissy who had invited me. I felt ready, but for what I am not sure. I put on my fake it till ya make it smile and style and settled the curiosity rumbling in my belly.

A circle has no edge, no focal point, and no place where the leader or teacher would naturally sit. 

A circle creates a connection where everyone can be seen, equally.

A circle gifts you with a ‘someone’ on either side of you, so you can feel belonging, not isolation.

The circle opens and the moon ceremony begins. 

My first moon circle was for the Full Moon, a Blue Moon, which is a fancy way of saying the 2nd full moon in a calendar month. I remember being asked to say my name, I remember the leader shared something about something, and I remember the meditation. All of these notes linger on the edge of…ummm, exactly what happened? I can’t really remember now. This is after all a memory from almost 20 years ago.

I may not remember the details but I do remember how I felt.

I felt like I had arrived home.

I felt buzzy, light, and open.

I felt deeply connected to myself in a way that I had never before.

I felt like I belonged.

I felt freaking magical!

In the days that followed my first moon circle I reflected upon it, I wondered what else was possible, and I craved returning to the next circle. I clearly remember telling my Mother about it over coffee, the excited daughter telling her mum all about my latest adventure and new thing to love and do. 

I had been invited in, and now in, I decided to stay. The moon, me, and circles…the beginning of a wonderful love story with many chapters. Over the years the moon has featured in my healing, my playtime, and my friendships. Some years or months she was more a part of my world, and other times she shone in the background, like she does, always.

In 2020 (remember that year?! Ha!) I returned to the moon and what she offers. The rhythm, the repeated process, the insights, the connection to the world beyond what we can touch. I needed it (insert 2020 here) and I found others did too. While sheltering in place in my Brooklyn apartment I crafted the moon magic transformation program, shared it with other moon seekers, and then shared it and more moon magic wider and further. I ended the year with more than 20 people from different parts of the world tuning into the moon with me from the new moon in December all the way through the lunar cycle to the new year and all of what 2021 promised. In January 2021 it was clear that the moon and I were now firm friends and magical playmates and we had many circles to open. Since then I have offered a new moon circle every lunar cycle (that’s over 30 new moons) and the moon magic transformation program many times. 

The circle never closes. 

It is always open to anyone and everyone. It is for us all a place we can return to. It is for others, what I found and needed one blue moon almost 20 years ago.


For you the circle is open.

You may not know exactly what you seek…it may simply be a curiosity that nudges you in.

You may have no idea what the moon offers or what happens in a circle…you don’t need to.

You may be seeking a place you feel at home, where you belong… it’s here.

You may be ready…and not sure exactly what for.


Whatever may be. 

The circle is open.

You are invited in.

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